The North Hampshire Caribbean and African Network [NHCAN], is a voluntary
organisation designed with the intention of mainly assisting in particular, but not
exclusively, people of Caribbean and African heritage. It has been established over three
years. NHCAN operates with a small group of volunteers who c
urrently organises social events and carryy out research for the BME community.

NHCAN can be described as:

• A society of people who recognise the threat or reality of unfair treatment and
   possible inequity and have come together to try to do something about it.

• A group concerned about "Well being" of Caribbean & African families locally in
  North Hampshire primarily but also at regional, national and international level.

• An organisation that supports, empowers, and aims to help people of African and
  Caribbean background.

• Representing unity. It is the foundation for progress within Caribbean & African
  communities and presents hope.

• The coming together of black people to help other black people to access services

• An example of diversity in action. Something beyond the usual.
  NHCAN can also be described as: caring, sensitive, proactive, culturally rich, inclusive
  energetic, imaginative, strong values and morals and family orientated.

NHCAN's Future Plans

In the future NHCAN will also provide:

• mentoring and activities for young people
• a befriending service for older people
• offer support services for families
• acquire premises with: an office and other areas for a drop service and other facilities
for the community.

In order to deliver the above new services from 2009 NHCAN plans to grow by:

• Increasing income
• Recruiting a part-time worker
• Recruiting a pool of volunteers
• Working in partnership with key agencies
• Increasing NHCAN's membership
• Focusing and developing services responding to the needs of its members and the
  BME community